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Local News

May 24, 2016 - Strike_News - Students Union and NUS supports UCU strike action

The National Union of Students (NUS) and the University of Essex Students' Union (SU) have joined in strong support of the University and College Union (UCU) industrial action for fair pay.

SU President Adrian Chira met with UCU Vice President Peter Patrick on 24 May to discuss the causes of the current dispute, the pay negotiations, and the current industrial action, which includes two days of strike on Wed 25 and Thurs 26 May, plus an indefinite period of work-to-contract beginning 25 May.

UCU and the SU agreed it is important for all students to understand the nature of industrial action and dispute in the university context, so that they can come to their own conclusions about the present fair-pay dispute. The SU President expressed the Students' Union's support for UCU in the current industrial action.

SU President Adrian Chira noted the NUS statement of Wed 18 May, which said in part:
'the most important assets to a university are the people who work and study there. In order to continue to deliver high quality education, the sector must invest in staff and address the inequality and insecurity that blights our universities. Solidarity between educators and students is particularly important...
No education worker wants to strike but [we] cannot sit back and watch university staff pay continue to be eroded, inequality grow unchallenged and employment become more and more insecure every year...
The 1.1 per cent pay offer made by UCEA falls far below what the universities can afford to offer their staff...
[NUS] affirm our support for our lecturers in this industrial dispute and encourage member unions to support their local branches and demand that UCEA return to the table to accept the demands made by UCU'.

Further information will be available from the University of Essex Students' Union website:
Essex Student
the National Union of Students webpages: NUS Supports UCU strike action
and the University and College Union webpages:
Higher Education pay dispute
Industrial action FAQ
University of Essex Local Association
Information Leaflet for Students

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May 24, 2016 - Latest_Strike_News - Two-day Strike at Essex

Once again, UCU union members working in higher education are being forced to walk out due to a paltry pay offer that occurs as regularly as the student exams that staff work hard to deliver and mark.
The UK-wide strike will be represented with local pickets at the University of Essex campus at Colchester on Wednesday, May 25th and Thursday, May 26th. That will be followed by indefinite 'work to contract'.
UCU are requesting a 5% pay increase for all staff. Across the HE sector, academics and related staff have seen the real value of their salaries fall 14.5% since 2009. Meantime, universities consistently run surpluses and prefer to divert income to buildings rather than improving the livelihoods of the staff who teach students. More than half of all academics report working over 50 hours per week, while 85% report having to work above their contracted hours.

"It is unfortunate that once again academic staff feel so frustrated with the pay offer that they are forced to take strike action to achieve a fair pay rise. Inevitably, this is disruptive, and we regret being put in this position. Employers could solve this by negotiating in good faith and respecting the commitment of staff to their universities and their students with a fair pay rise to reflect the losses of the last seven years", said Chris Fox, President of the UCU Essex Local Association.

University Vice-Chancellors have received a 6.1% average pay increase in the most recent year, worth about a third of many academics' full salaries, while they have consistently offered 1% or less year over year to staff, including this time around.
The University of Essex's Vice-Chancellor received an increase of more than £10,000 in the most recent year-to-year, on top of free accommodation, bringing his income to £277,373. In comparison, University of Essex staff will have received just 1% in the same period (excluding any promotions).

"The ongoing low pay offers are demoralizing for staff who work long hours to deliver quality education and research. Universities need to recognize that the most important asset they have are the people who teach and look after students", said Peter Patrick, Vice-president of the UCU Essex Local Association.

Getting involved:

Take part in the strike action. Don't work, and report that you were on strike when asked (this is the only way the university knows how many went on strike).


The law limits the number on a picket line to 6 at any one time, so you can't plan to just turn up and join in.
But we are always keen for people to join us on the picket line when we have space: email to see what time you could help us. And people can always drop off doughnuts or biscuits as support!

Mar 15, 2016 - General Meetings - Ordinary General Meeting, Mar 15, 2016 - Pay Claim

There will be a general meeting on Tue Mar 15, 2016 at 13:00h in room 2N2.4.16 (Colchester campus) to discuss Pay Claim.

Full details, including deadlines for the submission of motions and amendments, are available from the general meeting page, which will be updated as required.

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Mar 7, 2016 - Newsletter - Srping Edition Now Out

The latest local newsletter (PDF) is now available.

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Selected National News

May 20, 2016 - Strike_Is_On - Strike is On

Higher education (HE):

Strike is ON as yesterday's negotiations offer no improvement UCU negotiators met with the University and College Employer Association (UCEA) this week in the hope of finding a solution to the current dispute amidst growing anger over news that vice-chancellor pay rose by 6.1% last year.
Regrettably UCEA made no improvement on the 1.1% pay offer to staff or on measures to address gender inequality and insecure contracts and the strike action will continue on Wednesday and Thursday next week as planned.

Please join picket lines and support the strike action:

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All the best
Justine Stephens
UCU head of campaigns

Apr 20, 2016 - Rate_For_The_Job - Rate for the job FAQ

Here's a link to the UCU's Rate for the Job page.
Rate for the job FAQ Page on the national web site.

Nov 11, 2014 - ASOS_FAQ - ASOS FAQ

Many members have questions about the boycott.

Please check to see if your questions/concerns are answered here: ASOS FAQ Page on the national web site.

Jun 27, 2014 - Subscription_Rates - UCU/595 Subscription Rates 2014-2015

This circular sets out the new national subscription rates effective from 1st September 2014.

Full details are in UCU595 Subscription Rates on the national web site.

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