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Essex UCU, a branch of University and College Union, is formally recognised by the University of Essex management to represent all staff employed within the university at grade 7 and above (academics, academic-related, professional services staff or GTAs)

UCU are currently balloting members about pay and equality. For the latest news on this and all other UCU activities see national website and national campaigns news







  1. Roy Rodd says:

    Dear UCU union colleagues.

    As a member of Unite and a retired member of staff at the University of Essex, I sincerely wish you all, good luck and every success with your industrial action.

    I am sure that you are all struggling with your consciences about taking this action, as you have the best interests of your students at heart, but you have been forced into this situation by the intrangients of your employers.

    Please stay firm, as if you concede this time, all future academia will suffer and institutions will not be able to attract the highest calibre staff, for future generations.

    Kindest regards to each and every one of you.

    Roy Rodd.

  2. essex says:

    Thanks Roy, Essex UCU

  3. Roy Rodd says:

    Dear U CU union colleagues.

    Please be very wary of any employer offer proposals.

    Be like me, trust no one apart from the one you see in the mirror, and definitely not any smiling assassin.

    The employers are only making offers, due to the impending examination and marking periods.

    If they can get you to accept and you return to normal working, you will lose any leverage you currently have and they will impose the changes.

    Please keep firm.

    Kindest regards.

    Roy Rodd

  4. essex says:

    It will certainly be interesting to see how UCU members vote in consultative ballot. Thanks for your support, Essex UCU

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