strike days #6-8 incl (7 March 2018)

Apologies….I’ve been far too snowed under to post a  daily update. Got new members signing up at an unprecedented rate, picket rotas to organise….which is all great….but…anyway enough apologising…this is what’s been going on:

Monday: fab day on picket lines: cake, profound discussions and punk music! Talks started with UUK at Acas…but UUK said they weren’t ready to discuss our proposals as yet ??!! Talks were adjourned.

Then Monday night, there was a twitter U-turn by UUK who decided to tell random twitter-users  that they were happy to meet UCU the next day.

Tuesday: hoorah, UUK did turn up to Acas talks. Picket lines still fabulously happy. Massive numbers today. Some amazing friendships being made and bonds developing across the university #onebigfamily Then we all went for post-picket pancakes.

Wednesday: another strong turn out to chat with prospective students at the applicant day visits. Plus Randy Banks, former branch president came to say hello and proffer his wisdom. And our first dog came to picket with us. Strikes continue, Acas talks continue…..we still want this resolves as soon as possible. Students are being fantastic: supporting us, holding craftivism eves to make new banners which they wave with enthusiasm on the picket lines. Essex SU are bringing us coffees and looking for ways to support us. It’s actually been an amazing experience: the branch is growing in strength but organically in ways we never dreamed of.

ok, enough profound thoughts….got to replenish picket box stocks!! 😉

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