Essex UCU support motion for Goldsmiths UCU

The following motion of support for Goldsmiths UCU was passed at a General Meeting on 17/11/2021.


Essex UCU branch notes:

  1. That Goldsmiths UCU (GUCU) is in dispute with its Senior Management Team (SMT) at Goldsmiths, University of London, over 20 FTE planned redundancies as part of Goldsmiths SMT’s Academic Portfolio Review.
  2. That a further 32 redundancies are planned in professional services, directly affecting the working conditions of academic staff and students.
  3. That this restructuring undermines the autonomy of departments and staff at Goldsmiths, increasingly centralising power with Goldsmiths SMT.
  4. That moves towards restructuring at Goldsmiths are already having a seriously detrimental effect on the functioning of the university, such that basic services for staff and students are deteriorating.
  5. That Goldsmiths SMT has spent over £2.5m in consultants and additional costs on change managers related to the university’s restructuring.
  6. That Goldsmiths SMT has employed union-busting tactics in the past and is currently delaying payment to key GUCU branch officials for carrying out trade union activities.
  7. The determination of Essex UCU members to support GUCU’s fight for decent working conditions at Goldsmiths.
  8. That Essex UCU committee recommends this motion is passed by the branch.

Essex UCU branch believes: 

  1. That Goldsmith SMT has not explored alternatives to cuts, including stopping the use of expensive consultants and managers; fundraising; applying for government funds in Arts and Humanities; developing a vision for responsible and sustainable resource allocation, etc.
  2. That the planned cuts at Goldsmiths follow a pattern of financialisation increasingly seen across UK Higher Education Institutions, whereby financial pressures from banking partners are used to justify restructures that prioritise the cutting of frontline staff while increasing managerial costs.
  3. That the battle against redundancies and the financialisation of Goldsmiths make GUCU’s dispute one of national significance.

Essex UCU branch resolves:

  1. To issue a public statement of solidarity with GUCU’s dispute.
  2. To make a significant contribution to GUCU’s strike fund.
  3. To actively support and publicise GUCU’s dispute, strike days and campaign events through social media, trade union contacts and beyond.

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