2023 marking and assessment boycott: hardship fund

During the 2023 industrial action mandate (beginning 20th May 2023), there is a marking and assessment boycott (MAB).

If you participated in the MAB during this period, you are entitled to apply for financial support (though this is prioritised based on need and available funds). You will need to submit payslips showing that you have had pay deducted. A summary of eligibility is here.

(If you wish to apply to the hardship fund for the 2022-23 strikes, click here instead.)

  • The national Fighting Fund is also open to applications from our members. We strongly encourage you to apply to the Fighting Fund as well as the local fund.

  • To apply to the local fund, please complete this local hardship fund application form and return it by email to Billy Woods (branch treasurer). Care has been taken to make the process as confidential and anonymous as possible while also ensuring a quick turnaround: see the application form for further details on who will have access to names and personal details.

Please note: in order to meet our legal obligations, the application form is a little longer than usual and asks some more detailed questions. Please feel free to send us an email if you need help filling it in!