Branch committee and dep reps

Elected Members of Essex UCU

Committee Members and Officers of the branch

Officers and other members of the local committee are Essex UCU members elected annually at the branch AGM by the branch membership as a whole. These are voluntary roles although some receive time off from work (facility time). Legally H&S reps and Union Learning reps receive time off for their roles. The committee meet regularly to discuss issues pertinent to local members and decide branch strategy.

The current committee is listed below. Nominations for each academic year open in Spring and are announced at the AGM in June.

However once the new committee is announced, 4 new members can be co-opted on to join throughout the academic year. Please get involved and consider taking up a role in your branch. Having a committee made up of members from across our branch is essential for our democracy and efficacy and the role is rewarding in its own right. If you require more information please contact, or any member of our current committee.

See our branch rules for more information.

Essex UCU committee + other key contacts 2023-2024:

Co-President Dave Rush
Co-President Jordan Osserman
Co-President Lorcan Whitehead
Secretary Michael Bailey
Treasurer Billy Woods
Membership and Recruitment Officer Jamie Woodcock
Anti-Casualisation Officer Matt Bennett
Environmental Officer Elia Valentini
Environmental Officer Jane Hindley
Ordinary member Draško Kašćelan
Ordinary member Alex Nicholas
Ordinary member Felicity Szesnat
Ordinary member Lynne Jordan
Ordinary member Sandra Moog
Ordinary member Cara Booker
Ordinary member Paul Siddall
Ex-officio (former president + HEC member) Jak Peake
Returning Officer Tom Cornford
Regional Officer Michael Kyriacou
Branch Manager Kester Richardson-Dawes

Congress Representatives

Congress representatives (tbc) are elected annually or via general meetings, and represent Essex UCU at meetings of National Congress and the Higher Education Sector Conference (HESC).

Departmental Representatives

Departmental representatives (dep reps) are the first point of contact between the department and the union. If your department is not represented in the list below, please contact Kester Richardson-Dawes.

Dep reps will be approved at each annual AGM as per the list below on that date.

Department Representative
Academic Section Lynne Jordan
Dave Rush (Skills for Success)
 Life Sciences Nelson Fernandez
Michelle Taylor
Computer Science and Electronic Engineering Martin Reed
Javier Andreu-Perez
Communications and external relations
Economics Kate Rockett
Edge Hotel School Jenny Kaye
Essex Business School Nicholas Beuret M&M
Sandra Moog, OSHRM
Rebecca Warren
Government Gina Reinhardt
Health and Social Care Ewen Speed
History Matthias Röhrig Assunção
HR Samer Gharib
ISER Paul Siddall
Pathways Essex Billy Woods
Language and Linguistics
Law Ebba Lekvall
Tom Cornford
Literature, Film, and Theatre Studies Holly Pester
Owen Robinson
Mathematics Georgi Grahovski
Physics Centre Martin Reed CSEE
Planning Office Sarah Manning-Press Research & Enterprise Office
Psychology Geoff Cole
Research & Enterprise Office Sarah Manning-Press
School of Philosophy and Art History Lorna Finlayson
Matteo Falomi
Sociology Michael Bailey
Colin Samson
Southend Campus
SRES John Mills
UK Data Archive Sharon Bolton

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