Get involved

Essex UCU is keen to hear from members who want to get involved. Choose how much or how little you want to do, depending on the amount of time you can spare, or the type of practical assistance you can give.

Here are a few ways you can help:

  • Hand out recruitment material to new staff
  • Help at recruitment stalls or induction days
  • Attend general meetings
  • Join the committee
  • Be a Dep Rep
  • Train as Personal Case Worker or H&S rep – nationally run training courses are available at no cost to UCU members
  • Stick up posters

I don’t know who to ask

Your first port of call should be to email us on   Alternatively, contact any member of the committee – they will be very pleased to hear from you and will be able to answer your questions.


I don’t have much time to spare

It all counts! If six people are able to offer us ten minutes each for sticking up posters or distributing leaflets then that’s an hour of help we didn’t have before. If you let us know how much time you can spare, we’ll find something you can help with that fits in with your other commitments. Union reps are entitled, by law, to use a reasonable amount of their working hours to carry out union duties.

I am worried that being seen as an active member might affect how others view me

Feedback from existing active members suggests that others will see you in a different light once you become a more active union member – but in a good way! Union reps are widely respected for their dedication and for the help they give to fellow union members and other members of staff. Essex UCU has a very good working relationship with the University and there shouldn’t be any negative comeback for our active members.

I would like to help others. Will I need special training?

If you want to become a Personal Caseworkers or a rep, we recommend that you attend training and we will also support you whilst you shadow colleagues currently carrying out those roles. UCU and the TUC both offer free specifically targetted training courses. You are entitled to time off work to attend trade union training courses.


You could add another string to your bow…and help your colleagues: we’re all in this together.



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