I have voted!: ballot open, please tell us when you’ve voted (Dec 2017)

Please vote in the USS ballot.


When you have posted back your ballot paper, please email lcollins@essex.ac.uk  with ” I have voted” in the subject line so we know you’ve voted. Or take a photo of your envelope and tweet to us https://twitter.com/ucuessex (the VC follows our twitter feed so let’s show him how much support we have)

We’ll compare these responses to the members list and follow up if we don’t hear from you. That’s how important it is that you vote. Please encourage your UCU colleagues to vote

Closing date for the ballot is Friday 19 January 2018 so we are working to Tuesday 16 January 2018 as the last date for posting.

If you have not received a ballot paper, please check the address it has been sent to by logging into your contact details here https://ucu.custhelp.com/app/utils/login_form

There is no electronic ballot paper.  If you need a replacement ballot paper you can order a replacement here

If members are out of the country on sabbatical, tell us so you can be excluded from the ballot and thus won’t count towards the 50% turnout.

If you have any further queries please contact us, but don’t put “I have voted” in the subject line please, else we’ll get very confused.

Click here to read more about why we have to fight these proposals By law we need a turnout of 50% in order to take action against these cuts, so we won’t be able to do anything to protect your pension unless you vote YES for action.

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