Strike day#14 And that’s a wrap….of phase one. 16 March 2018

Final day of picket action and striking today….of this phase of industrial action. We are planning a further 14 days….dates to be announced.

The sun came out to shine…just as we packed up….(apologies for the obsession about the weather, but I have been standing out in it for too many days now for it not to control my moods!)

After much double-edged picket discussion…(final day on strike, back to work on Monday), some of the strikers and students marched onto campus with rallying cries, held a Q&A session for any interested parties in the SU Bar, then went off to a manifesto workshop-to discuss What Next.

Thank you to all who have helped on picket lines, picketed, supported, brought us drinks & food, been on strike elsewhere, tweeted or emailed your solidarity messages, or honked your horns as you passed by.

EGM next Wed 21st 12-1pm to discuss where we take the next phase of strikes. The fight is not over.

We’re trying to set up a local strike fund….just awaiting the bank to hurry up and processs our application for a new account. Then we’ll circulate the account number for any kind souls who wish to donate, plus we’ll pay in anything collected to date. Thanks for your donations so far.


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