Curious About Casework? Taster sessions (posted 2 May 2018)

Casework Crisis!

Ok, I don’t mean to panic you but as anybody who has contacted Essex UCU of late to get assistance with an individual problem will have noted, our caseteam are stretched to capacity. We are down to just 3 caseworkers in the branch. Ideally we would have at least double that number. The numbers of members coming to us with issues are not decreasing either!

We had to postpone our Casework Taster session back in March due to the strikes. However we will hold two of these now to try and encourage you to take a peek at what casework may involve and decide if it could be something you might want to do. Give a little something back to your union branch?

Curious About Casework?: Taster session

  • Wed 9 May 11am-1pm, room tbc, Colchester campus


  • Mon 11 June 12pm -2pm, 2N2.4.16 SSRC, Colchester campus

Our caseworkers are voluntary members of this union branch who support colleagues (UCU members) with individual work problems. This taster session will give you a flavour of what casework is about and answer any questions.

This is open to any UCU member. A chance to find out more with no obligation. We need to expand the team.


Should you decide it could be for you, we would book you on a  training course (these are often in London or Cambridge with other UCU members from other branches –also a good way to network. If numbers allowed we could run a local course here at Essex ). These are free and travelling expenses are covered. Then we would get you shadowing a  current caseteam member (with the permission of whomever you’d be observing meeting/chats with) so you can see what happens in practice. The caseteam here would be with you every step of the way with back up & advice.

Please contact us as soon as possible if you are interested in attending one of the above dates (especially since the first is next week).

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