pay and equality ballot (11 Sep 2018)

The UCU national pay and equality ballot is open. If  you have not received your ballot paper click here for a replacement and log onto My UCU and make sure  your personal and address details are correct (in fact check ALL your details please).

The ballot closes on 19 October.

Read  here  for why we need a yes vote from you. UCU wants an improved pay offer and progress to address inequality and precarious employment across the HE sector.

After you’ve voted please EMAIL with “I have voted!” in the subject line and tell me that you have voted. She’ll be cross referencing all responses to the membership database & chasing those that don’t respond. Obviously your vote is confidential and nobody at the branch sees it -hence we don’t know whether you’ve voted unless you tell us. We don’t need to know how you have voted- just that we can stop chasing you to send your ballot paper back!

Following the Trade Union Act 2016, we now need a minimum 50% turnout for this ballot, so we trust you understand why we’ll be trying to ensure you vote.

Please help promote the campaign by putting up posters and leaflets: click for ballot posters (and all information about the ballot) or pick up copies from the UCU stall on square 3 or 4 at Colchester Campus (we move around- look for the UCU flag!) on Thursdays 12-2pm


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